IG Awards Entries 2024

Promoting Excellence In Games

What Are The IG Awards?

We, as providers of table-top game based services to education and the wider UK community, get together with a specialist panel to identify more tabletop games that are not only great fun, but crucial in helping to develop key life skills.

The competition receives entries from around the world from publishers and designers large and small. Every game submitted is taken to show at multiple gaming conventions around the UK including at the beginning of June, the biggest hobby gaming show of the year.

Why Enter The IG Awards?

Imagination Gaming have a wide portfolio of services tailored for educational and social organisations – alongside support and consultancy to the games-play industries and those supporting families, children and learning.

Everlasting fame and glory?!
Winners Badge to use for promotion
Extended Distribution
Regular use on our Games Days and Events
Industry recognition

Submitting Your Game & Judging

Are you a games designer, publisher or distributor with some great games to shout about? Well here’s your chance…

Submitting Your Game

If you have a game you’d like to submit to the awards here are the steps we have put in place to now make this as easy and straightforward as possible.

The form will request not only information on the game but information on your social media so that we can easily tag you in events and activities to which we take your game.

As part of submitting, we will take your games to several school activity days as well as events across the Year. In addition, they will all be taken to the UK Games Expo as part of our presentation and the Family Zone we run there.

Provide a form for each game you’d like to submit.

Send six copies of your games to the address given.

We will then post your games up on our website awards page.

We will then tag your game while being used.

Shortlisting and awards will be handed out on the results day.

The Panel

We have an expert team of judges to give our shortlisted games a thorough playthrough and establish feedback by playing and evaluating all the games considered for awards and telling us exactly what they think.

As such, this year’s panel will be made up of a cross-section of game players and educators who understand the Imagination Gaming approach to finding the “right” game that engages, excites, and educates, looking for the perfect mix of clever gameplay, relevance and most importantly FUN.

The IG team will have something to say as well of course, but where the panel is involved – their decision will be completely independent… and final!

Ready To Submit Your Game?

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