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<p>Fast Shot is an action/dexterity game for two players. Each player receives a disc, and you win when you are the first one to shoot your disc in the goal.</p>

<p>But before you can score, you must complete your mission. There are two types of missions:</p>

<p>You have to hit three wooden cylinders. When the three cylinders in your color have fallen, you can try to score.</p>

<p>You have to follow a certain path indicated by the wooden cylinders. As soon as you have completed the path you can try to score.</p>

<p>Both players take turns shooting the disc in their color. You are allowed to hit the disc of the opponent and you can even hit the goal so it is moved on the table. This will also make it possible to hinder your opponent when he has a possibility to score.</p>

<p>We like flicking games, but we noticed they are all extremely expensive (Crokinole, Flick’ em Up,..), so together with the designer we wanted to develop a generic flicking game. Just take the minimum you need to have a flicking game and offer it at a cheap price. When you buy one box you have a 2 player game, but combining 2 different sets makes it also possible to play with 3 or 4 or to play in teams 2 against 2.</p>

<p>The game contains 2 variants. Following the track or flicking your pegs down. Both variants end with scoring by putting your disk in the goal after you completed your mission. Before the game starts you pick a variant and a setup (10 setups for every variant are included, but you can also use your own inspiration).</p>

<p>Every shot you don’t only have to try to achieve your mission, but also make it as difficult as possible for your opponent so he won’t have an easy shot his next turn. The goal can also move around the table, so it is allow to shoot it so it moves. This can make it more difficult for your opponent to score. Because of this we call this a tactical dexterity game.</p>

<p>Motor skills, planning ahead (your goal is not only to score, but also to make sure your opponent doesn’t, this involves some tactics/planning).<br />

<p>For tricks you need a lot of practice in this game. I would mainly suggest experimenting with special setups. Change the playing surface, but obstacles on the table, put the goal standing so you have to shoot it down first,… The possibilities are only limited by your imagination</p>











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