Battle Sheep

Duration: 15
Age: 7+
Number of Players: 2 - 4

Opposing sheep herds go head to fluffy head in a strategy game the whole family will love.

The goal is to occupy the most pastures with your sheep. Each turn, players split a stack of their sheep and move a portion as far is it can go in a straight line to a new pasture.

Watch out for sneaky sheep and plan your moves carefully to fence out your foe!

A different playing board is assembled before every game, so Battle Sheep is full of new challenges every time you play!


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They set out to conquer the world one pasture at a time!

In Battle Sheep up to 4 players start by quickly constructing a very grassy play area, unique each and every game. They each then position all of their sheep in one of the outside pastures, ready to divide and conquer.

Each player takes turns and starts by ‘splitting’ their flock of sheep, moving one pile as far as they can in one direction so they have two seperate stacks of sheep. They continue to take turns splitting one stack of their sheep and moving them across the pastures trying to make sure they can occupy more pastures than any other player by the end of the game. Divide your sheep and try to block the sheep of your opponent

Battle Sheep is simple to pick-up and fiendishly tactical, a  mixture of family fun and strategy at it’s best.

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