Duration: 20
Age: 7+
Number of Players: 2 - 5


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In this hand-management and risk taking game, you are playing ring-tailed lemurs living on the island of Madagascar. Your goal: collect as many prickly pears as possible.

Each turn, players must choose 1 of 3 actions: play a card, draw or take a risk. The card played has to be equal or higher than the previous one. Playing high cards will bring you more points, but it will also end the round faster, to your advantage or the one of your opponents. If special cards can help you, they will definitely surprise the others and bring interaction.
Players win prickly pears at the end of each round, unless they lost it. Game stops when a player has collected 5 cards. For ages 7 and up.

• Fun and quick card game, intense until the end
• Tactical hand-management with push your luck

Goal of the game

Score as many points as possible via the prickly pears depicted on the cards. The player who has the most prickly pears after someone gains their 5th card, is the winner.


60 Cactus cards, with values 1 to 13, 10 special cards: 4 Lemurs, 3 Double Lemurs, 3 Scorpions, instructions.

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