Giant’s Dance (De Reuzendans)

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Andries Geldof launches with his new firm De spellebaardier De Reuzendans. With Jumping Turtle Games we followed the game and took care of the production and logistics.

The Giant Dance is a family game for 2 to 5 players from 8 years old. The game is about the giant tradition in Dendermonde where the Ros Beiaard will (hopefully) be stolen after 10 years on May 24, 2020.

The giants of Dendermonde are known not only for their beautiful appearance, but also for their graceful dance. In the game you control one giant through the city streets. On every square you can try to surpass the other giants with the most beautiful dance steps.

Each turn you play one card to move and possibly a card to dance. Each player has the same deck, so your timing is especially important. So if you want to take the win at the end of the circuit, you will have to plan well and get lucky.

In this game each player is a Giant in the traditional Giants Parade and scores points by dancing on the squares in the city.

The player on the last position of the trail is the player who takes the next turn. In a turn a player plays 1 movement card to move on the trail. If a player ends on a square he can dance by playing up to 3 dance cards. A giants can or rotate, or parade, or a combination of both. This is called the Giants’ dance.

The first player to arrive on a square can play up to 3 dance cards. The next players to arrive on this square must overbid the dance card of previous players if they want to play dance cards. 

Each player can score points by dancing on a square and can score more points by overbidding other players on a square.

The game ends if each player has reached the last field of the trail, the Market Square. The player with the most points is the winner, the best Giant of Dendermonde.

The beautifully designed game pieces fit perfectly with the different giants and make the game extra attractive.

Undoubtedly, this game will appear on the game table for many Dendermondians, but make no mistake. The Giant Dance is not just a gimick. We were positively surprised by the attractive game system, so we were also happy to support this project. The Giant Dance is a perfect gateway game – as we sometimes call it – and is certainly suitable for the game enthusiast. We hope that the game can win many new souls in Dendermonde and far beyond!

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