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+PlusOut!!: Battle Points is a social tug-of-war strategy math card game where players add points, cut scores, switch moves and swipe hands in a race for the highest score!

You can choose to boost up your current score, attack to cut points from other players or use Power cards to earn more moves and switch cards. Shift tactics between long-term control, quick-gain, defensive and offensive playstyles to outthink other players. Battle to the top to win before all your cards run out!

Game Flow: Players start with 6 cards and 20 Points each. On your turn, draw 1 card then you must play 2 cards from your hand. Use your cards to: boost your current points up, attack to take points from one other player, reset your hand, take cards from the discard pile or swap cards with another player. Choose your moves carefully, as your hand gets smaller over time. The game ends when all players are out of cards then the player with the most points Wins the game.

+PlusOut!!: Battle Points at its core is about thinking ahead. The mental math is constant as you weigh which card combos to use and how soon to use them, while your hand gets smaller! Between all the numbers in your hand, what gets you the most points, least points, can even our scores or can do the most damage to prevent a win? On every number card, there are is a choice to make—choose to Boost your score or Attack another player’s score by the number on the card. Then, there rare Power Cards that help you gain more moves quickly or mix up your hand. It’s simple gameplay mechanics with high impact.

Players practice and refine both mental and manual arithmetic skills of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. They’ll also practice move-planning, outcome prediction, min-maxing choices and reward-vs-loss-vs-gain decision-making through strategic moves

The Spy card is a great rare power to save. Play it to look at one other player’s hand, then swap one card with them from your hand. The reward is priceless unknown info—-you now know what is in their hand, so it is easier to plan ways around their moves. You lose one card in exchange for that info. However, there’s the positive risk of gaining one more useful card from their hand as you swap a card. My favorite tactic is to play this early on so I gain core info plus have more card options to choose from in our switch. Luckily, like every Power Card, there are ways to counter it, which you will learn as you play!

At the IGDA DC game showcase event, we had a sweet spontaneous rule-changing moment between Mommy and daughter who were battling it out to win! They were both boosting their scores up but her daughter was the first to go on the offensive by using attack moves. She knocked her Mom’s points down to 0 points. But on the following turn she used one of her own Boost cards to give her mother 28 points to stay in the game! The rules did not allow this but custom house rules are ok. The little girl did so out of genuinely wanting to keep playing with her mom, all while using math as the core tool without hesitation.

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