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Tic-Tac Match is a wildly unpredictable card game variation of the classic game tic-tac-toe.  Just a few minutes to learn provides hours of enjoyment. Challenge your opponent to match three cards in a row of BOTH the same symbol and the same color by stacking on cards already in play. But don’t be fooled by the simple rules. Action Cards interject deep strategies that guarantee a winner every time. Players can flip sides mid-game, wipe out their opponent’s hand or play two cards on a single turn. There is even a team-play version for four players.  Tic-Tac-Match – not just funner, WAY Funner!

In Tic Tac Match players compete to align three Symbol Cards of the same color and same symbol, either ‘X’ or ‘O,’ in any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row on a traditional 3 x 3 grid of cards.   The double matching features permits covering cards already in play.  This eliminates frustrating ties found in traditional Tic Tac Toe.  Tic Tac Match also incorporates several Action Cards, such as Double Play Card, Flip Card, and Wipe Out Card which add significant strategy and unpredictability to each game.

Observations during play testing indicate that Tic Tac Match, offers significant educational benefits for such a simple card game:

  1.  Tic-Tac-Match promotes and encourages CRITICAL THINKING and can further develops these important abilities.  

  2. Tic-Tac-Match develops and improves PREDICTION and PROBLEM-SOLVING skills.

  3. Tic-Tac-Match incorporates high level EXECUTIVE BRAIN FUNCTION (Emotional Control, Inhibition, Working Memory, Initiation, Planning and prioritization, Shift, Organization, and Self-monitoring) on almost every turn.

  4. The team play option fosters COMPETITION, COOPERATION, and SOCIAL INTERACTION. 

  5. Tic-Tac Match can appeal to an even wider audience with slight modifications.   An alternative version without Action Cards would benefit the very young, the very old, and those with mental challenges by limiting choices and simplifying the rules. 

  6. Tic Tac Match satisfies parents who specifically want products that will help their child think productively and learn to be problem solvers.  Skills developed while playing Tic Tac Match will transfer from school, to the workplace, and to daily living.

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